Dziecięca szynowa orteza ręki stabilizująca kciuk i mały palec


Children's orthosis stabilizing the thumb and little finger, combining at the same time a high level of stabilization, interesting design and high-quality colored materials, is an indispensable element supporting the treatment of injuries in the area of the thumb or little finger in the youngest.

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- the most common trauma in the area of the thumb in children is dislocation (knocking out), which occurs while playing, when the child catches, for example, on a friend or an object and as a result of a fall on an open hand

- as a result of an injury, i.e. the displacement of the articular surfaces relative to each other, there is swelling in the area of the thumb, pain and the inability to move the finger

- treatment consists of frequent cooling, reposition and immobilization of the thumb joints

- the children's orthosis stabilizing the thumb proves to be helpful in the treatment of dislocations, combining at the same time a high level of stabilization, an interesting design and high-quality colored materials

- the orthosis is easy to put on thanks to the open structure and adjustable fasteners, which makes it easier to adjust it to different hand shapes, making it more universal

- the stabilizing element in the orthosis is an orthopedic, aluminum splint that can be shaped and adjusted to the individual needs of the patient

- fastening of the stabilizer to the hand is possible thanks to soft tapes with a self-adhesive function and Velcro fastening, the orthosis also has two circumferential straps, the fastening of which can be freely adjusted so that the orthosis does not slide over the hand

- the orthosis made of an innovative material with AirSanmed medical certificate - it is not flexible and does not stretch, which improves the stabilization of the protected part of the body. At the child's skin there is a breathable cotton terry fabric, which is skin-friendly and has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. Inside there is a semi-rigid, perforated EVA foam, which perfectly protects your child's skin against possible abrasions and dents from the aluminum rail. Outside the raw material, a perforated medical laminate with a vapor-permeable function was installed, containing antibacterial ingredients based on inorganic Silver Zeolite. This ingredient ensures long-lasting effectiveness and even counteracts the most infectious organisms such as MRSA and e-coli. AirSanmed meets all the requirements for basic medical devices for various purposes in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health


- plaster alternative - the orthosis replaces traditional, heavy plaster and plaster dressings, ensuring perfect stabilization and high comfort of use

- 24-hour therapy - the brace can be used as a round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of hand joints

- class I medical device - the product is a registered and patented class I medical device

- 2 in 1 option - thanks to the innovative design, the same orthosis, depending on the needs, can stabilize both the joints of the thumb and little finger

- breathable and skin-friendly material



- thumb joint dislocation (thumb kick)

- dislocation of the joints of the little finger

- twisting the 1st or 5th finger of the hand

- injuries of the collateral ligaments of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the first finger (e.g. skier's thumb)

- inflammation of the 1st and 5th fingers of the hand

- damage to the tendons in the thumb or little finger

- 1st or 5th finger fractures

- rheumatic changes of the thumb or little finger

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